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TacTimer LTE

TacTimer LTE quickly determines your sailboat race results by tracking your time and calculating your competitors’ corrected time to quickly deliver your race rankings all on the convenience of your Apple Watch®.

Set up your competitors on your iPhone®, including their handicap ratings as well as the race distance. Start the pre-race countdown timer on your Apple Watch and get ready to race. Stop the timer for your own boat and your competitors’ boats as the finish line is crossed. Immediately find out how you’ll rank compared to your competitors based on corrected time calculations made for you in real-time.

Unlimited division boat listing information for you to customize.
Timer automatically changes to racing time once countdown timer hits 00:00.
Sync the countdown timer to the nearest minute.
See final race results for boat participants.
Current race scoring systems available: IRC, ORC Simple Scoring, PHRF ToD, PHRF ToT

TacTimer LTE supports iPhone 6s and higher and Apple Watch Series 2 and higher.

Check out TacTimer LTE on the AppAdvice site.

TacTimer LTE does not track your personal information. Never has, never will.

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Hi, I'm Chris Manley. I started Pinnacle Point Software based on my passion for sailing and my ambition to streamline processes with technology. Nothing makes me happier than simplifying my life personally, professionally, and even competitively with applications that engage and elevate our lives. I'm excited to share the TacTimer LTE app with you and hear how it is elevating your sailing experience.

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